We provide creative solutions for all your branding and marketing requirements. From launching of new product / facility or service to recreate brand identity or to reaffirm market presence, we do it all with out of the box ideas and effective execution.

The way you are presented to your clients speaks a lot about your brand. We do not go just with the flow or follow market trends. We devise specialise campaigns that suit your marketing needs and involve latest and innovative technologies that enables your brand to appear distinctly to your competitors.

The creatives for your brand are the digital expressions of your thoughts and emotions. We take pride in our artworks and content creation abilities. Be it a graphic image, static text or moving masterpieces, our in-house team is capable to generate them all.

Any campaign or artwork is irrelevant if they are not telling the story of your brand effectively and efficiently. Our team of creative writers are experts in weaving stories that can leave a long lasting impact on your customers.


Every business is similar from the market perspective, yet unique from the business perspective. EMH aims to identify the USP of your business leading to identification of the best and effective ways to penetrate into the market.



Gone are the days when brands were few and the market limited. With markets going global, it has become imperative for businesses to explore different potential markets to increase their brand visibility. Based on your business category and bandwidth of operations, we, explore all the potential markets, trends and the ways to target them.



With competition growing leaps and bounds, it’s not just what makes you different that matters but how consumers perceive you also plays a key role in business success. We aim to bridge the gap between business and consumer in the most effective way with not just sales as target but BRANDING as the Mantra.



A brand is not just a logo, a website or your business cards, it is an Experience and, we strive to give that experience to your customers. Right from creating your brand identity that includes logos, stationery and website, to reaffirm it through effective branding strategies, we ensure that your brand reflects your ideology, uniqueness and most of all represents the business it deals in.

Website Design

Website is the digital face of an organization and usually the first touchpoint for a customer to interact with. It is also often customer’s first impression of your business, and therefore imperative for you to make it count. We help build websites that contain quality content, is concise and targeted, and accurately represent your brand.


The online world is growing fast, and without assistance, it can be easy to get left behind. SEO will ensure increased visibility, revenue and brand awareness for your business. We start by getting to know your business and determine your requirements and expectations. Based on this, we tailor a customized SEO solution that targets realistic goals to grow your brand, and improve your website traffic.

Online Advertising / PPC

Online form of advertising has evolved over a period of time due to rapid growth of social media platforms as well as search engines like Google and Bing. Online advertising helps in catching attention, creating brand awareness, drive traffic to your website and increase conversion level at a fraction of cost of the traditional form of advertising.

Social Media Management

Social Media initially meant to connect people has now become a powerful tool in marketing and branding. It’s the most efficient and cost-effective way to attract consumers and engage your existing customers. However, to achieve this you need to have a thorough understanding of the dynamics of Social Media Platforms which needs expert advice.

Campaign Management

Every brand has a unique story and therefore they need to be told in a distinct manner. With a dedicated in-house team of experts, we devise a campaign that helps in communicating your message to your target audience with ease using productive, innovative and creative campaigns. From ideation to execution, we take all your stress leaving you to focus on your core business.

Content Creation

Ever stopped and admired a graphic image, quote or a video shared on social media? Our team has expertise in generating such content in a graphic or video form, which will not just communicate the message but also make people stop in awe and admire the content, thereby increasing the engagement level as well as brand recall value.

Print Media

With contacts in various prominent print media, we have a good understanding of how and where a brand should be portrayed. We can help not just in publishing your content in renowned magazines and newspapers but also design and develop the content for the same.

Outdoor Marketing

Traditional form of outdoor marketing still hold its charm and value over various other mediums. It still is relevant for a lot of businesses and helps in garnering large number of eyeballs. Our team can help not just in designing artwork for backdrops, billboards/hoardings, banners and other such outdoor print media but also get them printed/published.

Products and services come and go, but it’s the BRAND that stays.